Osteopathy Hong Kong

Benjamin Lai is an Australian trained Osteopath in Hong Kong. His practice is conveniently located on Queens Road Central.

For Consultations, Please Call 2151 4795.


Ben is the founder and principal osteopath at City Osteopathy in Hong Kong. He is part of  a team of professionally trained osteopaths from the UK and Australia. Ben and his colleagues are registered health professionals and members of their respective osteopathic associations in their home countries.




BENJAMIN LAI completed his osteopathic medicine degree from the RMIT University in Melbourne Australia in 2003. He worked alongside medical doctors and allied health practitioners in multidisciplinary practices before moving to Hong Kong in 2007.

He has experience treating athletes in various sports backgrounds, in particular in Australian Rules Football and Hockey. A keen runner and fitness fanatic, his clinical experience has focused on sports and activity related injury with special interests in runners injuries.

In general practice, his special interest areas are in chronic pain syndromes, back pain, neck pain and headaches. Committed to continual professional education and to giving his patients the most up to date information available in their treatments, he frequently attends postgraduate seminar and conferences in Clinical Nutrition, Neuro-orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Paediatrics.